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TOMATOES : Lycopersicon lycopersicum


Endangered / Indeterminate/ solid firm sweet fleshed somewhat heart shaped with pointed bottom/crack resistant/great market tomato/ 70 days
    at $3.50/pkg

Isis Candy

A dynamic mixture of yellow, orange, and red 1" large hearty flavored cherry tomatoes. The fruits are prolific, solid and sweet, the plants are hardy, sturdy and indeterminate. great pick for market and home eatings.
    at $3.50/pkg


Late blight resistant dependable tomato. Excellent choice for coastal gardens.
    at $3.50/pkg


heavy yielding/humidity adapted/fine market medium sized solid tomato 75 days
    at $3.50/pkg


New as B.C. organic! paste tomato/determinate/large red plum/multiple disease resistance/great for canning/saucing 75-80 days
    at $3.50/pkg

Stupice Extra Early

Heirloom ~ early ~ produces abundance before the coastal blights/great tasting 60-85 days
    at $3.50/pkg


small yellow-orange slicer tomato, is split resistant, firm, and a treat for the marketplace. Clusters often ripen simutaniously.
    at $3.50/pkg

Tomatillo Verde

abundant 2" green fruits peeking from split husks when ripe ~ yummy salsa! Traditional Mexican salsa. Not affected by blight 80-90 days
    at $3.50/pkg

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