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since 1991
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A flamboyant chef and outrageous gardener specially designs these blends to offer you the most diverse culinary and visual opportunity available from our fields. All seed varieties are grown in isolation to assure seed purity. Then mixed as a dynamic kitchen recipe, inviting you to have exciting gourmet foods, flowers, and herbs for your table for the price of just one package of seed! Match with a package of what you know you like for everyday eating, such as orange carrots, in rows sided by side. Enhance your visual, culinary, and nutritive experience. Be lured into the garden, entice yourself or children to the dinner table, be tantalized by color, texture, and taste. Even select from your favorites to grow seed for next year's garden!


Bulls Blood (Deep mahogany leaves), Detroit (Traditionally grown deep red dependable beet), Golden (gold to orange), Lutz Salad Leaf (large crowns support prolific leaves that can be cut over and over again for salad and cooking: AKA "Winter Keeper"
    at $3.50/pkg


5 colors in one packet! ~ Scarlet Nantes is orange ~ Dragon, purple skinned ~ Nutri-red is red ~ St. Valerie, pink ~ Amsterdam Gold is yellow to yellow-orange. Makes it exciting to go to the garden, and eating fun. Entertains the child in all of us, and tantalizes our eyes, palates and salivary glands with color, which represents nutrition. For instance: red in our food is nurturing for the prostate gland, and can serve as a cancer preventative. More simply, the more diverse we eat, the more diverse the nutrition we can absorb.
    at $3.50/pkg


Mixed colors: Peshwar (medicinal white flower), Stein Mountain Special (red/pink flowers with purple centers), Breadseed (non-vented purple flowering), with the occasional double black peony poppy, with an extra plus of California style poppies: red cornflower, and purple gleam poppy.
    at $3.50/pkg


Combination of America Spinach (deeply savoyed, long standing), Bloomsdale Spinach (traditional deeply savoyed deep green early), Viroflay ("Monster" smooth leafed very large leaves), Aurora Orach (Mountain Spinach: breeder Frank Morton's 2001 New Release grown and reselected by Planting Seeds Project 2002 grow-outs. Traditional magenta, deep blue-green, green, yellow, and gently appearing red and red yellow leaves. "The best rainbow this side of Bright Lights Chard!")
    at $3.50/pkg


Arugula, Bok Choy, Mizuna Mustard, Cilantro, Green Wave Mustard, Osaka Purple Mustard, Persian Cress, Radichio. Great mix to add color and spice to your salads, or the last minute flash into your stir-fry.
    at $3.50/pkg


The most outrageous mix I can offer you of poly-heads (for cut flower and bird food) and single heads (large seeded for eating). This is a mix of Evening Sun (deep mahogany poly-head), Hopi Black, Mammoth Russian, Rostov (traditional oil seed sunflower, single head), Sopo Bravo Summer Passion (large trunked multi-colored poly-head), Tigers eye (multicolored fuzzy centered poly-head), Sundack, and Tarahumara (Giant, to 14 feet tall, single headed beauty)!
    at $3.50/pkg


Mix of Arugula, Bok Choy/Mizuna, Cilantro, Purple Flowering Pac Choy, Red Orach, Shungiku. This will produce an abundance of early greens for munching raw in salads or grazing in the garden as you work.
    at $3.50/pkg


Combination of some of our favorites:
- Black Russian : Round medium sized clustered fruits with deep purple shoulder and purple/red interior. This is the variety that excelled in our field in 2002.
- Bush Beefstake : Well known favorite is consistantly large, round, red and firm. Traditional slicer and sandwich variety.
- Green Zebra : Very sweet, medium sized green tomato streaked with dark green.
- Isis Candy : Very sweet yellow, orange, red 1" cherry tomato
- Sundrop : medium sized yellow-orange sweet low acid tomatoes
- Double Rich : Large round red good tasting tomato is noted as double the Vitiman A and C.
- Basketvee: Medium size, mid-season firm pointed bottom tomato. Good for traveling, market, and for sauce as the least juicy component.
    at $3.50/pkg

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