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since 1991
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People have traditionally grown herbs around their homes, using them as foods, and preparing medicines as needed, seasonally. An example: Roots are traditionally harvested in the later fall or early spring while the vital plant energies are in the ground: in the roots. Tending these plants helps us remember and practice natural rhythms. Our participation assures the safety and freedom of the plants and the seeds, as well as the medicines we make, and our precious personal choices for health of our family and loved ones. Which ones do your family need? Which ones do you love? Which do you have passion for, curiosity about? Would you use them if they lived near you? Which plants are you willing to stand for, to protect?

Basil, Italian Large Leaf

aromatic culinary delight for pesto/ salads/tea fresh ~ dry culinary herb ~ large medium dark green leaves ~ high yielding
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Aromatic herb/companion to potatoes/3'-5'plants/great for relaxing tea/Tincture of flowering tops said to be like walking into a brick wall seducing sleep. Catnip is said to have been given by southern midwives to newborn babies to help their livers get started. Cats & bees love it!
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Chamomile, German

Self-seeding annual/wispy fernlike leaves 8"- 18" tall/small yellow centered daisy flowers with white petals are used for a relaxing tea/for digestion and a gentle sleep
    at $3.50/pkg

Dill, Mammoth

Self seeding annual/companion to Brassicas as an aphid catcher/used for pickling and ferny early leaves are use for salads and dressings
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Tall (5-8') medicinal/ornamental with yellow sunflower-like flowers ~ 2 nd year and older roots are used for coughs, respiratory conditions/ bronchitis. Extremely bitter. Also externally used for treatment of viral skin lesions. Easy to grow! Striking planted with hyssop!
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Holy Basil

Smaller leafed/petite plants/intensified fragrance/ traditionally used to benefit digestion/male + female tonic
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Tall ornamental plant with velvety leaves/pink + purpley red flowers/highly mucilaginous roots: soothing to all body tissues, traditionally used for indigestion, and coughs. Expectorant syrup can be made from the flowers/leaves and roots are mucilage
    at $3.50/pkg


Rough palmate leaves/spires of tiny pink flowers leave spikey seed casings in their retreat/3-8" tall/traditionally used as a female tonic from puberty thru menopause: can regulate menstruation and treat functional infertility, balance emotions, relieve stress, and is a cardiac tonic ~ bitter herb
    at $3.50/pkg


grows big and bushy the first year, flowering late summer. Traditionally used to improve memory of dreams (use inside dream pillows or for tea) ~ women's herb for balancing menstruation, The herb used for making moxa for moxabustion in Japan and China. Medicinally used in Northern Asia and Europe
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Mullein, Verbascum Olypicum

Medicine makers delight! Entire stalk flowers at the same time, easy to strip. High medicinal oil qualities for ear oils
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Mullein, Verbascum thapsus

Traditional wild variety/use the leaves for smoking mix/tea/toilet paper when camping. Flowers for ear aches/oils. Roots for tea for difficult conditions in the lungs. Long fuzzy light green leaves are rosettes the first year and show their tall elegance the second year
    at $3.50/pkg

Plantain, Broadleaf

major wide leaves/stands 6"-18" tall ~ children know it as "Bandaid Plant" for their owies! Useful for stings/bites/cuts/can be used chewed and applied in place of up to 10 stitches if the affected area will not be pulled apart with natural movements.
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Sage, California White

Dusty white aromatic smooth leaves. Traditional ceremonial smudge to cleanse and uplift the spirit. Ingredient in smoking mix inviting truth. Perennial in the south/grow as annual in the north
    at $3.50/pkg

Sage, Garden

Culinary flavorful herb/folk remedy: astringent/ antibacterial/Reported to be helpful for hot flashes
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Sorrel, French

Culinary early spring delight used for salads/soups. Strong lemon flavor/large leaves yield to tall dock-like stalks. Keep seed stalkes trimmed to produce leaves all summer.
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Tobacco Hopi

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Yarrow, Rust/Orange

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