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CARROT : Daucus carota

Planting Drop seeds in shallow furrows depositing 1-3 seeds per inch covering with 1/4"-1/2" of soil. Plant in double rows 6-10" apart, or in beds of 4 -6 rows. Germination can take up to 3 weeks in cooler weather so sprinkle a few radish seeds in the rows to help keep the soil loose, mark your rows, and keep you interested! Thin to 2" at first weeding
Companions: Chives, lettuce, peas, Onions, radishes, rosemary, sage, tomatoes ~ Carrots do not like dill
Grow Seeds: Carrots are biennials: Plant a seed to grow a carrot ~ Plant a carrot to grow seed the next spring. All carrots will cross with other carrots and wild Queen Anne's Lace. Replant your selected roots in the ground and mulch, or store in the root cellar and plant back in the spring. Space 1" - 2" apart in staggered beds. They can grow up to 6' tall as bushes with gorgeous carrot scented clusters of white flowers. Dragon can throw some lilac and pink flowers! Great long lasting cut flowers. Attracts many insects and bees work them, creating a loud hum. Green seeds form, ripening brown. Flowers will usually close to protect the seeds. Pick heads as they ripen. The primary flowers, the first to bloom and the largest seed heads, will ripen first. If growing carrot seed for distributions, please be aware that Planting a MINIMUM of 60 and 200 roots to maintain genetic diversity is recommended by some experts. If you are growing for your own gardening, simply enjoy!

Carrot Exotic Mix

Five colors in one packet! Amsterdam Gold, Dragon, Scarlet Nantes, Snow White, and St Valerie. Pick whatever color you want to eat, or the next one in the row for a surprise! Carrot sticks in the lunch box have never been so much fun.
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Nantes, Scarlet

Cylindrical, 6"-8" long with blunt rounded tips. These sweet nearly coreless carrot colors up early for baby carrots. Bright orange, sweet and flavorful carrot, is considered a workhorse of carrots. Excellent storage. Dependable. 65 days
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Purple Dragon

Second year flowers range in the white, pink, and lavender hues. Great cut flowers and incredible bee and insect plant. 75 days Sweet spicy flavor. Excellent raw or cooked. Holds colors in stirfrys. Great for coconut curry stir-fry! Especially fun for kids! & restaurants! deep Purple exterior ~ interior ranging from cream, to bright yellow, to orange, with some bulls eyes!
    at $3.50/pkg

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