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Baby's Breath

Interior BC wild single flowered variety blooms prolifically during cherry season. Cut for fresh bouquets. Hang upside down to dry for winter wreaths and bouquets. Commercially: glycerin soak after harvest for soft stems and flowers that don't shatter.
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Calendula, Double Orange

"Salve Makers Delight" and "Poor Man's Saffron". Fully double bright orange flowers are the most resinous I've grown, and are healing for the skin including irritations and general "owies", stretch marks, and varicosities
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Calendula, Indian Prince

Fully double flowers with red undersides. Beautiful for cut flowers, edible bouquets, and edible in salads or garnishes
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Easy to start. Sets lush green rosettes the first year, followed by long blooming 2" bright deep blue to purple blue upside down ell flowers. Lon lasting cut flowers: cut 2' stalks when 1-2 flowers are open. Reseeds easily as the gorgeous prickly lantern-like seed heads are vented. Small seeds are easily started indoors. Excellent for rock gardens, flower beds, and wild areas
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Love Lies Bleeding

Outrageous bushy ornamental amaranth. Green leaves with cascading magenta cattail plumes which may grow up to 2 1/2' long. Plants 2 1/2-5' tall attract plenty of attention, and are great for cut flowers
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"Honesty Plant", "Money Plant", "Silver Dollar", are all names for this well known plant. Beautiful arrow shaped leaves from a stealthy rosette the first year, sending up stalks the second year, with prolific spring and early purple summer flowers. Great insect pollinator attraction. The flowers yield to delicate flat silver dollar seed pods, favored for everlasting bouquets. Reseeds prolifically. Brings prosperity.
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An Aromatic Companion to most vegetable plants, especially brassicas. 12"-18" gorgeous mix of yellow, orange, and burgundy flowers on scented, deeply lobed foliage. Edible and excellent in salads. Start indoors or out. Easy to grow
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Tall variety (2 1/2' plus) with very mixed and bi-colored snapping flowers. A children's favorite, fun to grow, and fun in the garden, this flower is great for long lasting cut flowers. Start small seeds indoors: Keep warm and evenly moist (not wet) as they are prone to damp off after emergence as they wait for their growth spurt. Pinch centers for multi-stalked long blooming show.
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Zulu Prince

Valadium Attention grabbing and drought hardy white African Daisy whose centers are as if hand painted in uneven pattern of black and orange. A long lasting and gorgeous cut flower.
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