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Most roots are Biennials, which means that you plant a seed to grow the root, onion, carrot, beet , parsnip, turnip, etc..................and then, plant the root to grow the seed, leaving much more space for the growth of a really large plant.

Radishes, however, are annuals, with the exception of diakon, which are also biennial. 

Careful selection of the roots for specific traits is recommended, requiring pulling them from the ground and carefully inspecting and selecting the best roots for seed.  Then either replanting them in the ground at their new spacing, (giving them winter protection such as mulch), , or root-cellaring them for the winter, replanting them in the spring to grow the seed. Spacing can easily extend up to 1-2 feet between roots allowing plants to intertwine as they bush pre-flowering. Carrot plants can reach 4-6'............beets easily attain 3-5', and parsnips can often tower over 6'!

Plum Purple

Gorgeous tall tops on large purple skinned and white fleshed sweet radishes. Bunched for market these radishes have been mistaken for beets!
    at $3.50/pkg

Rutabaga, Swede Laurentian

creamy yellowish roots/firm flesh/purple shoulder/good winter storage 90 days
    at $3.50/pkg

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