"Putting the Culture back into Agriculture"
Planting Seeds Project

since 1991
Certified Organic


Introducing Planting Seeds Project retail line of Farm Direct Organically Grown Open-Pollinated Seeds.

- All varieties are open-pollinated. This means they are fertile and will reproduce true to their own kind. They have a genetic memory that goes back to their beginning. They draw on this memory to adapt to you garden or field. To grow seed: Simply plant fertile seed in fertile soil, grow it to its abundance, and let it die of ripe old age. Collect the seed, dry it, clean it, label it, and store it cool, dark, and dry until the next planting season. These will be viable for years to come.

- All varieties are organically grown and GMO Free to the best of my knowledge.

-  Traditionally grown means ethically and sustainably grown with no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or chemicals of any kind, including fertilizers.

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